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Inpatient Services

Adult Acute Care Services

Whenever you need inpatient hospital care, you can be assured Madera Community Hospital will provide you and your loved ones with the highest quality care. Your nursing care is planned by professional registered nurses and provided by a staff of registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, certified nursing assistants, patient care technicians and unit ward clerks according to your physician's directions. Madera Community Hospital Adult Acute Care Services provides care for Medical, Surgical, Transitional Care and Intensive Care Patients. Each of these departments provides specialty care depending on the patient's diagnosis and intensity of care needed.

Medical Surgical Unit

The Medical Surgical Unit is comprised of 73 beds and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our teamwork with other departments such as Nutrition Resources, Physical Therapy and Respiratory Therapy ensure that all of our patient's needs are met. The Medical Surgical unit provides care for adult and geriatric medical/surgical patients who are acutely ill or injured and in varying stages of recuperation from diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical interventions. Patients with respiratory, medical or surgical diagnoses are admitted to these beds.

There are 32 continuously monitored telemetry beds available in the Medical/Surgical Unit.

Visiting Hours for Medical Surgical Patients
12:00 noon - 8:00 pm
7 days per week
No children under 12 years of age without an adult.

Transitional Care Unit

The Transitional Care Unit provides 24-hour nursing care to adult patients who are seriously ill, require cardiac monitoring, and/or require treatment for conditions warranting more intense nursing care then can be provided on a general medical surgical unit but less than that provided in the Intensive Care Unit.

Visiting Hours for Transitional Care Patients
12:00 noon - 8:00 pm
7 days per week
No Children under 12 years of age without an adult
2 persons at a time

Intensive Care Unit

The 10 bed Intensive Care Unit at Madera Community Hospital is staffed by Physicians, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Certified Nursing Assistants, Patient Care Technicians and Monitor Technicians specially trained in Critical Care Medicine. Other members of the Critical Care Team include Respiratory Therapists, Pharmacists, Dieticians, Case Managers, Physical Therapists and Speech Therapists. The Intensive Care Unit offers constant monitoring and observation for patients who are acutely and seriously ill. Patients include those who have or are suspected of having a heart attack, had major surgery, require a respirator, or anyone requiring very close nursing or medical management. Our staff is specially trained to meet the complex emotional and physical needs of patients and their families.

As a close friend or family member, you have an important role in the care of our patients. Your support, caring reassurance, and advocacy for the patient is essential for their well-being. You are a valued member of our ICU team and we're glad you're here.

While caring for the patient is our first obligation, we know the patient is not the only person affected by the situation. We recognize that the hospital and certainly the ICU may be unfamiliar and even intimidating to many friends and family members. Our staff will make every effort to ease this stressful time by being sensitive to the needs and concerns of your family. In times of stress and indecision, many patients and family members seek comfort in their religion. Our ICU team can coordinate a visit from the clergy of your denomination.

Visiting in the Intensive Care Unit

There is no visiting allowed from
6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
All other times, visiting is permitted
Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the ICU

The ICU care team will make every attempt to provide times for you to visit the patient. Visiting is limited to family members only. Two visitors per patient at a time are allowed. Visiting is at the nurse's discretion and there may be times when you're asked to wait a few minutes.

How Can You Help?

As the patient's advocate, your role frequently involves making informed decisions about the patient's care and keeping other family and friends updated on the patient's progress. The following tips from our staff will help you fulfill your role as the patient's advocate and help us provide the best care possible.

1) Select One Family Member To Be The Family Spokesperson Or Advocate
This will be the person who communicates with other concerned individuals. The ICU staff wants to answer your questions, but must also provide optimal care for the patient. Ask your family members to call the designated person for updates. Due to laws governing patient confidentiality, the ICU staff cannot release information over the telephone to those who call into the Intensive Care Unit. The staff will inform immediate family how to obtain phone information.

2) Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions
Our staff is committed to provide you with updated information on the patient's condition. If you are unfamiliar with any terms or have any questions about treatment plans, equipment or medication, please ask. If you understand the rationale for treatment, it will often help relieve stress and anxiety. We want you to be informed.

3) Share As Much Information About The Patient As You Can, Especially If The Patient Cannot Communicate
It is important for you to provide our medical team with honest information about the patient's psychological, physical, and social status as well as the patient's wishes if he/she is unable to communicate. Be assured that any information shared in the hospital is strictly confidential.

4) Make Sure The Staff Can Get In Touch With You When You Leave The Hospital
Whether it's a telephone in a home or a hotel, a cellular phone or a beeper, please be sure the hospital's staff can reach you in an emergency or for a critical decision. Rest assured, we will call you if needed. You need your rest, too!

Additional Information for the ICU

What Should You Bring From Home?
We will provide everything necessary to care for the patient. Flowers and plants are not permitted in the ICU patient rooms. These items will harbor germs that may be detrimental to the patient's recovery. Electric razors, cosmetics, and other personal grooming items may be permitted but must be inspected by hospital personnel prior to use.

Is A Phone Available?
Since physicians and hospital staff must have access to the ICU telephones, usage of the phones within the unit can be used only in emergencies. A phone is available in the ICU waiting room.

When Is The Best Time To See The Doctor?
Each doctor has a different schedule, and unfortunately they do not all make rounds at the same time. Find out your physician's schedule and try to be available when they make rounds. Prepare for the meeting by making a list of questions or concerns. Keep a pen and pad for taking notes. The ICU staff can be of assistance in providing customary times for most of our physicians, but the best source is the physician.

Take Care Of Yourself!
No one is ever prepared to take on the difficult, demanding, and stressful role associated with having a loved one in the ICU. While devoting your energies to improving the patient's condition, do not neglect your own physical or emotional health. If you need support or assistance at any time, please consult our staff. Remember, you are not alone; you are a part of the ICU team. If we can be of any help or answer any questions, please do not hesitate to page the ICU Case Manager at (559) 675-5555, Extension 5855.

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