Angelica Moreno Angelica Moreno

Angelica Moreno

I was pregnant with my 5th and new to area. I wasn’t sure where to deliver. One day I came to MCH & asked if I can see Labor & Delivery. A very friendly staff member gave me a brief, but thorough tour. It was then I knew I’d be most comfortable delivering here. My labor experience here was above & beyond satisfactory.

When in labor I was quickly given a room to see if I was in true labor, then moved to a delivery room, had baby within hours, my RN’s Jaimi & Veronica ended up delivering my baby. It was a wonderful feeling knowing the nurses have experience for situations like mine, & are able to deliver babies when Dr can’t make it (quick labor). Jaime was extremely encouraging, & consistantly reminded me to breath through my contractions when I’d get frazzled.

After I was moved to another floor for postpartum, (it’s very nice being away from other moms in labor to rest after you deliver) my nurses were phenomenal. So personable yet respectable. Deirdre, pm shift, was so understanding to a mom needing her rest, she never woke me unless need be. I felt as comfortable as could be given the circumstances. Carisa, day shift nurse, was comforting and thorough.

Visiting hours are perfect, & all my young children were able to see me, for hours, & stress free.

Nursery was amazing to have my newborn watched while I showered.

I would deliver at MCH again. Thank you for making my experience feel so at ease.