Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Madera Community Hospital is a private, not-for-profit, General Acute Care Hospital and health system governed by an appointed board.

Left to Right: Stell Manfredi, Monte Pistoresi, Anna daSilva, Steve Barsotti, Deidre daSilva, Don Warnock

  • Stell Manfredi, Vice Chair
  • Deidre da Silva, Chair
  • Monte Pistoresi, Secretary
  • Steven Barsotti, Finance Chair
  • Anna da Silva, Executive Member
  • Robert Poythress, Executive Member
  • Don Warnock,Executive Member
  • Khalid Rauf, MD, Chief of Staff, Executive Member
  • Muhammad Anwar, MD, Immediate Past Chief of Staff
  • Jon Basila
  • Mike Diebert
  • Anita Eden
  • Jay Mahil
  • Aftab Naz, MD
  • Wally Nishimoto,
  • Bruce Norton
  • Kanwal Singh, MD, Vice Chief of Staff
  • Steve Schafer
  • Jan Zitek, DVM


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