Madera Community Hospital receives donations for their Diagnostic Services Department

By the beginning of September, Madera Community Hospital (MCH) will have a new ultrasound unit in their Diagnostic Services Department. The purchase of the Toshiba Aplioä 500 ultrasound unit was made possible through 3 generous donor contributions.

MCH Hospital CEO, John Frye, Jr., and Anna da Silva, MCH Board of Trustee Member, received the Red and Nancy Arnold Foundation donation. The MCH Foundation received $100,000 from the Red and Nancy Arnold Foundation, a $58,000 grant from Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians, and $65,000 from the MCH League of Volunteers. These charitable contributions provided the necessary funding for the Hospital to make the Toshiba purchase and keep up with the growing demand for imaging services.

This past year, the Hospital's Diagnostic Services Department performed a record number of ultrasound exams, using 4 ultrasound machines for all inpatient, outpatient, and emergency exams. The Department conducted over 12,000 exams; representing a 14% increase in visits from the previous year.

The Toshiba unit and system were selected by the hospital Radiologist, Cardiologists, and Technologists as the ultrasound unit of choice, based upon its operating system software, high quality of imaging, and its ability to interface with the MCH radiology digital imaging recording system.

The Toshiba Aplioä 500 ultrasound system overcomes the challenges of conventional ultrasound and delivers picture‐perfect images with unprecedented image resolution and detail. For the provider and the patient, this technology reveals clinical information like never seen before, and delivers the information quickly and reliably using an array of unique imaging technologies.

Heather Hibner, Ultrasound Technologist, is particularly excited about advances in Toshiba's newly launched high‐end ultrasound. She shared, "With Fly Thru Imaging you can see inside the wall of vessels and track from the inside out. The industry's first Fly Thru technology is a 3D volume rendering technique that allows viewing through cavities, ducts and vessels from the inside in 3D. Similar to virtual endoscopy, Fly Thru is a revolutionary tool for exploring lesions and masses and planning interventional procedures.

With this additional ultrasound system, the hospital will be able to schedule patients within 2 to 3 days versus the current wait time of 2 to 3 weeks for non urgent exams and radiologists will have the most advanced technology to reveal clinical information quickly and reliably.

Without the donations from the Red and Nancy Arnold Foundation, Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians, and the MCH League of Volunteers, this purchase would not have been made possible. Due to their generosity, we will be able to increase our productivity and better meet the healthcare needs of Madera and surrounding community residents.