Michael Fitzgerald

My story starts on February 9. I started having some abdominal pains, it continued to get worse over the next few days and for some reason I waited until about 1:00 am on February 15 to go to the emergency room because the pain was getting almost unbearable. When my wife and I arrived at the emergency room it was empty so it did not take long at all to be seen by staff. They did a CT scan and diagnosed a perforated appendix and that surgery would be necessary. I was admitted and moved to a room on the 2nd floor, Everyone in the emergency room was great, from the doctor to the nurses, they were kind and did a great job of making feel as comfortable as possible. I should mention here that I'm 64 and this is the first time I was ever admitted to a hospital.

Dr. Stephen DeSantis came to my room and explained the surgery to me in easy to undersand terms and was able to put me at ease. Dr. DeSantis then did a great job of explaining what he did after the surgery. He had a great bedside manner and I had great confidence in him.

Now I want to talk about the nurses and other staff that I encountered over my stay at the hospital. To sum it up in one word, they were fantastic. Everyone from the nurses to the CNA's to the lab techs were always courteous and friendly. Although I do not look forward to ever having to spend time in the hospital, if I do I hope I encounter the same type of caring staff that took care of me. Although I can't recall everyone's name, my stay was from 2/15/19-2/20/19 and everyone that was involved in my care should be commended and of course I cannot thank them enough!