Nominations - Lucy Cerbo

Lucy Cerbo, RN, Medical Surgical
DAISY Receipient, January 2018

Nominator's Story

She was extra caring and attentive. She took the extra time to sing to him when he was upset and moved him from a room in a shared location to a quiet private space for care.

Nominator's Story

Today, I found myself on the receiving end of nursing. All of the nurses were fabulous but two stood out as exceptional. One night, I was feeling quite ill and very uncomfortable and called for the nurse. The nurse quickly went to work using skills, compassion and insights that let me know she didn’t just look like a nurse but was an outstanding nurse. Because of the antibiotics, I was having trouble. I was crying when my nurse came into my room. She smiled, gave me a hug, and helped me as if nothing was more important at that moment than my health and my embarrassment. By the time she finished I was clean, my tears were dried, and my pain was addressed. She tucked me back into bed, lowered the lights, and sat beside my bed rubbing my arms until I went to sleep. If I were to summarize my nurse, I would say she is a nurse anchored in the past and geared towards the future. I feel fortunate to have been cared for by such an outstanding nurse.


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