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Advisory Council

Purpose Statement

Madera Community Hospital’s Emergency Department Advisory Council (EDAC) is dedicated to partnering with our healthcare providers to improve Emergency Department experiences at Madera Community Hospital. EDAC is a voluntary and collective representation of Madera Community Hospital’s service area and patient population. Those selected to serve on the Emergency Department Advisory Council do so to ensure the patient and family perspective is applied for safe, high-quality patient-centered emergency care and services.

Membership Guidelines

  1. Madera Community Hospital patients, family members and healthcare providers are eligible to serve on the Emergency Department Advisory Council (EDAC).
  2. Selected EDAC members will demonstrate a commitment to building a partnership with Hospital advisors and employees and be dedicated to understanding the needs of the community they represent.
  3. Selected EDAC members must work collaboratively to co-design programs and policies to effectively impact healthcare challenges and enhance the patients’ experience in the Emergency Department.
  4. EDAC members serve a 2 year term.
  5. Members whose terms are expiring may choose to re-apply for membership.


  1. The Emergency Department Advisory Council (EDAC) will consist of 7-10 advisors to promote transparent and open discussions.
  2. The EDAC will also include three to four Madera Community Hospital Leaders.
  3. The EDAC council will meet in-person, monthly for 90-minutes.
  4. The EDAC establishes their 2 year charter.

Completing Application

  1. Fill out the form in the "Form Here" section.
  2. Submit the filled out form in the "Application" section.

Download Application Here