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Standards of Behavior

Attitude is Everything

I will make a positive impression.

  • I build strong relationships by treating every person with kindness, respect and dignity.
  • I immediately welcome every person with eye contact, a smile and a friendly greeting.
  • I use body language to radiate a friendly, open minded attitude and seek to put people at ease.
  • I listen with care and empathy, avoid interrupting and confirm what I have heard.
  • I acknowledge questions or concerns and meet immediate needs or find someone who can help.

Courteous Communication

I will project a positive image, energy and dedication.

  • I will communicate with courtesy and clarity, ensuring dignity and mutual respect in all verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • I commit to being in the moment and to actively listen with purpose and curiosity, receiving and providing thoughtful feedback.
  • I call patients, family members and colleagues by their preferred name.
  • I am open to receiving messages of different opinions and acknowledge differences respectfully.
  • I always use “please” and “thank you”, and end encounters courteously.

Service Excellence

Through service excellence, I will create meaningful and positively memorable experiences.

  • I will strive to exceed patient and family expectations.
  • I will practice A.I.D.E.T.
  • I acknowledge everyone with care, compassion and empathy.
  • I will introduce myself.
  • I keep team members, patients and family members informed about the process and expected
    duration or time frame.
  • I promote peace of mind and relieve anxiety by explaining what I am doing and why.
  • I thank each and every guest.
  • I take action to prevent delays and proactively notify those impacted when delays are known.
  • I will stay connected and engaged with those I serve.
  • I will anticipate needs and offer assistance; “go the extra mile”.
  • I will perform efficiently by reducing hassles and inconvenience.
  • I will perform with excellent care, quality and safety.

Appearance Matters

I will project a positive image, energy and dedication.

  • I am an ambassador for Madera Community Hospital, our services and programs.
  • I meet or exceed dress code; always wearing neat and appropriate clothing and jewelry.
  • I wear my identification badge with my name and title visible.
  • Take pride in the organization as if I owned it:
    • I escort guests to their destination and avoid giving directions.
    • I keep work areas, meeting rooms and public spaces clean and clutter free.
    • I pick up and dispose of litter, clean up spills and return equipment to its proper place.

Privacy and Confidentiality

I will show respect, thoughtfulness and appreciation.

  • I am sensitive to the personal nature of healthcare and I do all I can to honor the trust others place in me.
  • I will keep all patient information confidential.
  • I only access patient information for patients under my direct care.
  • I knock and announce myself before entering a patient room.
  • I ensure patients are comfortable and appropriately covered at all times.
  • I speak about personal matters in a private area with a quiet and respectful voice, and keep noise to a minimum.

Safety Focus

I am committed to ensuring a safe environment for colleagues, patients and their families.

  • I take ownership for safety concerns, whether they are environmental, clinical or behavioral.
  • I always speak up to reduce harm and prevent defects.
  • I report potential safety concerns immediately and without concern for retaliation.
  • I use proper tools and equipment and do not take shortcuts that compromise safety.
  • I follow policies and procedures - they are designed to keep everyone safe.

Service Recovery

When the MCH experience doesn’t go well, I pledge to make things better.

Hear-Empathize-Apologize-Leap into action (H.E.A.L.)

  • I listen (hear) and respond with respect, empathy and compassion, and I apologize for not exceeding expectations.
  • I leap into action:
    • I anticipate and correct problems before they become complaints.
    • I am proactive in making amends and make meaningful effort and offerings to reduce the effect of not exceeding expectation, even in difficult situations.
    • I work to make things right and follow up to ensure we have corrected the problem.
  • I thank each person for bringing their concern forward.

Team Work

I am a supportive colleague

  • I build up my team, sharing in our successes and overcoming our failures.
  • I share ideas freely and never make assumptions.
  • I recognize we all have areas of expertise.
  • I resolve conflicts promptly and directly with those involved.
  • I praise in public and respectfully coach in private.

Mutual Respect

My behavior demonstrates I value others.

  • I treat others the way I want to be treated.
  • I communicate with words and actions conveying respect for others.
  • I focus on the issue, not the person, when I have a conflict with someone.
  • I recognize I am responsible for my words and actions.
  • I create an environment free from bullying and hostility.


I recognize our differences, unique talents and varied backgrounds come together to create a stronger more effective whole.

  • I appreciate everyone regardless of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, creed, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or other characteristic.
  • I recognize the diverse cultures of our workforce strengthens our organization.
  • I ensure equality and acceptance for all.
  • I am open to others’ viewpoints, ideas and talents.
  • I serve everyone equally.