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Maternity Services in Madera & Chowchilla

Compassionate Care for Mother & Child

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As the long anticipated day of your baby's birth approaches, you may feel excited, happy, worried, and fearful. Learning what to expect and preparing for the big event are important ways you can help yourself and your baby.

In Madera Community Hospital's Labor and Delivery Department, experienced, attentive nurses expertly monitor and guide both mother and baby during the entire birthing process. We offer state-of-the-art, quality care for expectant mothers and their babies. From childbirth education to a positive birthing experience, we are dedicated to providing families with a warm, relaxed atmosphere in which to experience one of life's greatest moments.

Madera Community Hospital Maternal offers:

  • Labor & Delivery classes
  • Maternal/Child tour of services
  • 4 Labor, Delivery and Recovery suites
  • Infant security system
  • Operating rooms immediately available for cesarean sections
  • Lactation consultants and education for parents

Comfortable, Private Delivery Rooms

The Labor and Delivery unit is designed to convey a home-like feel and features four nicely decorated, private labor, delivery and recovery suites. Each Labor and Delivery Room is equipped with equipment for monitoring mother and baby and for delivery in the room. Most deliveries occur in the private suites, but the operating room is nearby should a need arise.

Our nurses support the family throughout the birth process. For most mothers, that means simple comfort measures, such as leisurely showers and walking with their family. No matter what your birth experience entails, labor and delivery nurses are there to guide and assist Mom and the family.

Preparing for Your Baby

Education is an important part of the labor and delivery experience as well. Madera Community Hospital offers extensive classes and parenting resources before and after delivery. Parents can preview the hospital in the OB Tour and choose from classes in childbirth, breastfeeding, and infant care.

Birth Certificate Information

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