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Case Management

Madera Nurse Case Managers

Madera Community Hospital’s Nurse Case Managers assess, plan and coordinate resources and services to meet a patient's medical care needs.

Our case management services include:

  • Discharge Planning – Your discharge plan begins the day you are admitted to the hospital and is based on what you will need for optimal recovery. Patients have the right to a safe discharge plan. Case managers assist in planning for your care after you are discharged from the hospital. You or your representative may request a discharge plan evaluation anytime during your hospital stay.
  • Insurance Authorization – Our case managers may also assist you with insurance authorization and answer questions regarding your coverage options. If you have questions please call the Case Management Department, 559-675-2855. You can also contact Financial Services/Credit Office for more information at 559-675-5496.
  • Crisis Intervention – We strive to support the physical and emotional needs of our patients. During your stay, our case managers are available to you and your family for emotional support, drug and alcohol use reduction information, grief counseling, and assistance with ethical concerns.
  • Community Resources & Referrals – Our case managers have an extensive range of knowledge of community resources. Referral to these resources may be beneficial post hospital discharge.
  • Individual & Family Support – Case managers are available to provide support surrounding the emotional impact of critical, chronic and terminal illness. Family members may request a family conference with attending physicians, nurses, case management and other hospital staff involved in the direct care of the patient.

Advance Healthcare Directive

Advance care planning is the process of thinking about and planning for a time when you may be unable to make your own decisions regarding your medical care. An Advance Directive allows you to assign a Patient Advocate, which is a person who is responsible for carrying out the decisions you’ve discussed. The Directive allows you to put your decisions in writing. The Advance Directive will go into your medical chart so that should there be a need, your physician will know how to best care for you.

Our case managers can help explain the Advance Healthcare Directive form.

If you have questions or need to contact the Case Management Department, call (559) 675-2855.