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12 Things you need to know

Meet the Family

  • Bill - Tim Quinn
  • Uncle Carl - Bert Roper
  • Jason - Dakota Simpson
  • Nadine - Kate McKnight
  • Silvia - Elena Navarette
  • Jesse - Jorge Romero
  • Pastor Ray - Mitch Shaw

Tim Quinn as “Bill”

“I’m pro vaccination but feel the politicization of it has been very detrimental to the goal of getting everyone vaccinated.” - Bert Roper

Bert Roper as "Uncle"

Dakota Simpson as "Jason"

“A lot of improvising is taking the pieces of you that are relatable and creating honesty. The second goal for this production was absorbing the breadth of knowledge you needed; pandemic research, all the way back to the Egyptians and being able to recall it at the drop of a hat.” - Dakota Simpson

Kate McKnight as "Nadine"

Elena Navarette as "Silva"

Jorge Romero as "Jesse"

Mitch Shaw as "Pastor Ray"

“I was excited about the opportunity to be a part of spreading such an important message. My wife works for the County of Fresno Public Health Department so I felt as though I had good information from which to make my decision. I also had a family member die from the virus. I chose to take the vaccine to protect myself and those around me” Mitch Shaw.